Work placements for pupils of the FOS

In the first form of FOS, work placements are an obligatorily part of education. The work placements and lessons at school take place every week. The practical training takes place at local companies or social facilities and represents the first work experience for most pupils. The responsible team leader is Mr Wolfgang Burkhardt.

For those in the economic branch, the following teachers

  • Mr Wolfgang Burkhardt 
  • Mr Günter Seger
  • Mr Roman Schieder
  • Mr Mathias Thoma
  • Ms Andrea Praxl
  • Mr Juergen Helm

are in charge of the work placements.

For those attending the branch social work, these teachers are responsible:

  • Mr Wolfgang Kilian
  • Ms Christiane Koch
  • Ms Maria Weigl
  • Ms Katrin Winkler 

In this branch, the work placement is divided into two fields, each has to be experienced.

  • Pedagogic field: placement at a kindergarten or establishments of remedial education
  • Nursing field: placement at a hospital or a retirement home

All the experience gained during the work placements is discussed at school, relating to the subject matter.

For pupils who attend the engineering branch, the placement takes place at the school’s workshops. They are managed by

  • Mr Dirk von Hof (Metal Processing)
  • Mr Albert Schlupf (Electrical Engineering)
  • Mr Michael Wachter (Information Technology)

Tours of factories complete the practical training.


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