Comenius: Looking over the rim of a tea cup

The EU’s Comenius Project aims at promoting the cooperation of European schools and pupils. It offers the possibility of exchanges and thus getting to know other countries, languages and school systems.

In October 2010, groups of Italian and Czech pupils visited our school in order to work on the common project “Sprache und Kultur – eine Internetzeitung” (≈ Languages and Culture – a Web Magazine). Articles about the pupils’ daily life were translated into their mother tongues and into English. Furthermore, the groups of 18- to 20-year-olds attended school, were able to explore cities like Nuremberg and Regensburg and of course, get to know our culture.

About half a year later, in April 2011, some of our pupils travelled to our partner school in Odry, Czech Republic. This time the project was to develop a dictionary for English, Czech, Italian and German which is additionally equipped with an audio track. A visit to the city Olomouc, a reception at the office of Odry’s mayor and a tour of some parts of former Silesia rounded off the trip.



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